"It’s not just a job.  It’s a family." – Tyler Celli, Steamfitter Apprentice

Did you know?

  • Generally, steamfitters work in construction,
    manufacturing and industrial environments that have elaborate pipe systems, but
    their work requires delicate motor skills. Why? Because they are working with
    high pressure liquids and gasses, which can be harmful if not safely installed
    and maintained.
  • Systems in data centers and research labs depend
    on steamfitters. If a secure facility is
    not properly heated and cooled, the technology can be compromised or even
  • Steamfitters have a super power: they control
    energy! They understand how mechanical
    systems use and disperse heat sources.
  • It’s a lot more than just comfort: all over the
    world, people live in harsh conditions. Without proper heating and cooling, the lack of proper heating and cooling can cause an
    increased risk of illness or death.