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The Best Mechanics Win

Mission: To prepare future generations for success in the mechanical piping industry

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What does success mean to members of the Seattle Area Pipe Trades?

We believe an apprentice’s success is a three-legged stool:  personal, financial and professional. Our superior training system prepares apprentices to manage these areas in school, at work and in life. As a result, we cultivate the most competitive and competent mechanics in the piping industry.

How To Apply

Personal Success

Seattle Area Pipe Trades apprentices possess a winning, positive attitude, drive and commitment to their program, union and industry. They act professionally and respectfully.

“It's more than just a job. It's career that has afforded me a life with balance.”

Financial Success

Seattle Area Pipe Trades apprentices earn a wage, benefits and pensions that increase over time. They learn to manage resources wisely, and understand how they contribute to overall industry prosperity.


Apprentice Pathways

Explore the professions we represent here.

Professional Success

Seattle Area Pipe Trades apprentices understand the purpose and impact of their work in safety and the environment. They can clearly see the many options to advance as a journeyman and beyond.

What are our apprentices saying

“Put your head down until you reach the finish line.”
– David Snowden, Refrigeration/HVAC Apprentice

“Be persistent.  It may seem like it takes a long time to get into the program, but it is worth it.”
– Kevin Lominick, Steamfitter

“I really like getting the chance to show in the field what I’ve learned in class, and the satisfaction of seeing it installed and ready to use.”
– Greg Ward, Commercial Plumber Apprentice

“There is a high level of commitment expected of you as an apprentice, and that starts from the moment you apply.  Don’t be discouraged, and work hard for the things you want.”
– Vince Hanson, Commercial Plumber Apprentice

“You should consider Seattle Area Pipe Trades because you will have a support network, no student loans, and you get paid during your apprenticeship…it’s a no brainer!”
– Cody Smedley, Refrigeration/HVAC Apprentice

“Someone should consider apprenticeship over other types of post-secondary education, because you get training in action.  This trade is a constant challenge, with unlimited rewards - from the people we meet, to the lives we change.  The best thing you can do is challenge yourself, every day.  Seattle Area Pipe Trades will help you be personable, approachable, confident and prideful.”
– Ja’Vonn Quinn, Commercial Plumber Apprentice

“The reality is that not everyone can afford a college education.  There is no place that I know of where you can get the opportunity for a free education, hands-on training, and build a career at the same time – and make a very good living.”
– Mason Lemay, Commercial Plumber Apprentice

“Get ready to work and learn. Work hard, and be open to learn as much as possible.”
– Sung Lee, Residential Plumber Apprentice

“College careers and majors are a gamble when it comes to careers.  You spend money toward an unguaranteed job, but with SAPT, you are already working in your field.”
– Kyle Locke, Commercial Plumber Apprentice

“Work hard, all the time. People notice, and you will be rewarded.”
– Luke Nelson, Commercial Plumber

“Why go into debt for your future, when you can go to school, work towards your career goals, and make a living wage at the same time? My plumbing career is now paying off my student loans for my 4-year degree.”
– Erin Hash, Commercial Plumber Apprentice

“Learning doesn’t end when you finish your apprenticeship.  I will continue to take classes and further my own knowledge, and I will keep my licenses and credentials current.”
– Justin Biedler, Residential Plumber Apprentice

“Educate yourself not only on the financial benefits of apprenticeship.  There is further education and job opportunities that will continue throughout your career.”
– Jacquie Christian, Steamfitter Apprentice

“What I like best about the apprenticeship program here at Seattle Area Pipe Trades is the commitment to our success.  If you show up and try your best, our instructors and Local 32 will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in your trade.”
Breeann Simmons, Commercial Plumber Apprentice

Every day, I have the chance to learn something new.”
– Brendon Simmons, Residential Plumber Apprentice

“I enjoy investing in my future. It is a great feeling knowing I am putting money in the bank and gaining the knowledge to have a bright future.”
– Ally Schmitt, Steamfitter Apprentice

“I couldn’t decide what I wanted to study in college.  All I know is I wanted to make good money.  So many of my friends ended up changing career paths and getting stuck with tens of thousands of dollars of debt. I joined Local 32 with almost no experience.  I learned a skilled trade that I’ll value forever.  I’m finishing up my last year now, and I love my job, love the atmosphere, have no student loans, and made enough money to buy my first home at the age of 22!”
– Boris Golant, Refrigeration/HVAC Apprentice

“Heed the warning often given at applicant interviews: it is a long and demanding program, but the ultimate reward (the skills you learn and the career opportunities) is worth the effort.”
– Dee May, Commercial Plumber Apprentice

“Everyone is held to a high standard.  Our apprenticeship will give you the best training for the trade.”
– Jason Eggers, Plumber Apprentice

“An apprentice builds that bond with fellow members from day one, which allows us to forge ahead of the competition.  We are a strong and close local of brothers and sisters.”
– Kyle Humble, Steamfitter Apprentice

“Every decision you make is a choice.  Your choices form habits, and your habits form character, on and off the job – so, make the right decisions.”
– Ike Alexander, Commercial Plumber Apprentice

“We believe in integrity.  Do the right thing, even when no one is watching!”
– Jackie Richardson, Refrigeration/HVAC Apprentice

“My favorite part of being an apprentice is the unique opportunity to learn while working hands-on in the field, next to greatly skilled and experienced professionals.”
– Laura Stogin, Refrigeration/HVAC Apprentice

“I’m being trained to be part of a skillful team.”
– Jerame Jacobs, Steamfitter Apprentice

“One of the things I enjoy about being a Seattle Area Pipe Trades apprentice is meeting and working with very highly respected and smart people.”
– Dmitry Karnafel, Refrigeration/HVAC Apprentice

“The Road to Success is always under construction.”
– Elijah Cory, Commercial Plumber Apprentice

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

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Staff, Trustees, and the JATC

The Seattle Area Plumbing & Pipefitting Industry Journeymen & Apprentice Training Trust (SAPT) will not discriminate against apprenticeship applicants or apprentices based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, genetic information, or because they are an individual with a disability or a person 40 years old or older. SAPT will take affirmative action to provide equal opportunity in apprenticeship and will operate the apprenticeship program as required under Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, part 30.