"I’m here for more than just a job.  This is my opportunity to learn a lifelong skill, and be part of something bigger than myself." – Justin Biedler, Residential Plumber Apprentice

SAPT offers many programs, but most of the work in our jurisdiction is plumbing. We offer two plumbing programs:

  • Commercial Plumbing, which is usually new, commercial construction service. This can be high rise buildings, retail/industrial complexes, schools and government buildings.
  • Residential Plumbing, which is usually multi-family housing, or light commercial/retail complexes.

Did you know?

  • The World Health Organization declared Plumbers to be the most important first line responders in the world.
  • Without safe water and sanitation systems, 3.1 million people in developed and undeveloped nations die each year – mostly, children.
  • If you have ever had anesthesia for surgery, you can thank a plumber for accurately installing medical gas piping.
  • Plumbers are conservationists: they build and maintain energy efficient systems, and they mitigate issues that otherwise hurt the environment.