Applying for Apprenticeship

Q:  What are the minimum requirements needed to submit a completed Apprenticeship application?

1) The applicant must be at least 18 years old,
2) Have earned a high school diploma or have passing scores on the G.E.D.,
3) Reside within King County,
4) Hold a valid Washington state driver's license.

 Q: Where may I pick up an Application?  

A:  595 Monster Road, Suite 100 , Renton , WA   98057  (Click Here for a Map). 

Q:  When days/times may I pick up an Apprenticeship Application? 

A: Monday through Friday 8:30-4:30, except between 12-1.

Q: Can I request an application be mailed to my home?

A: No, applications must be signed out from a log by the person the application is for. 

Q: How long after picking up my application is it valid? 

A: 60 days, after this point you must sign out a new application in order to apply. 

Q: What if I live outside of your jurisdiction? 

A: Please call the Local that corresponds with your county.

Pierce Country:              Local 26       Lacey, WA 360-486-9400
Snohomish County:       Local 26       Burlington, WA 360-486-9440
E. WA & N.E. Oregon:    Local 598      Pasco, WA 809-547-6480

E. WA (Spokane):          Local 44       Spokane, WA 509-624-5258


Submitting a Completed Application

Q:  What documents do I need to submit with my Apprenticeship application?


1) High school transcript or GED test scores
2) Results from the Asset or Compass test (see below for more details)
3) Proof of a valid Washington State Drivers License 

Q: May I submit my High School Diploma in place of transcripts?

A: No, the High School transcript is a state requirement, and a diploma cannot be submitted in place of it.

Q: What if I graduated from a different country?

A: We can accept transcripts from a different country as long as they have been translated into the English language.

Q: What if I have earned a college level degree, doesn’t that replace the need for my High School Transcripts?

A:  You’re welcome to submit your college transcripts/degrees in addition to your High School transcripts, but they cannot be submitted in place of them.

Q:  May I submit additional documents, such as licenses or a resume?  

A: Yes!  The above documents are just the minimum requirements.  You may submit a resume, college transcripts, proof of other training, military service, etc.

Q: Can I return my completed application by mail/fax?


A:  All applications must be returned in person to ensure that all requirements have been met.