The Seattle Pipetrades Education Center is the state approved apprenticeship program for plumbers, steamfitters, housing plumbers, and refrigeration fitters in the King County area.

The center is overseen by a committee of labor (UA Local 32 Plumbers & Steamfitters) and management/employers (MCAA, Mechanical Contractors Association of America).

The Pipe Trades Education Center provides an excellent education, support, and a future in a great industry. Apprentices are provided thousands of hours of training in the field and in the new school.

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“Is Apprenticeship For You?

Apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training and related instruction in which workers learn the practical and theoretical aspects of a highly skilled occupation. 

 Interviews and Hands-On Testing are held 2-4 times a year, and we accept applications all year round.  For more information, please click on the links to the left.

You can check out 'Applicant Events' to find out when the next set of Interviews & Hands-On Testing will be.

A Successful Apprentice…


…Values the apprenticeship system as an excellent way to learn skills and develop a career while making a good living wage with benefits.  When apprenticeship is completed and journey level status achieved, you can take this credential anywhere in the United States.  You’ll take pride in the results of a day’s work.


…Chooses a trade that he/she really enjoys and wants to learn.  You need to like the work in order to stay with it when times are tough.  Several ways to determine what trade you would like include going out to a job site to watch the work being done, volunteering to help neighbors with construction or other projects, or to help with community projects such as Habitat for Humanity, talking with journey level workers about their trade, and taking related classes at high schools to technical schools.  All trades pay good family wages when journey level status is achieved.  Entry-level wage should not be a major criterion in career decision.


…Understands the apprenticeship system.  It can be a complicated process to become registered.  You may have to wait to be interviewed since apprenticeship programs only accept the number of apprentices they can keep working steadily.  This is very different from just applying for a job.  You need to be both patient and persistent.  If a person truly values and understands the system, they won’t give up.  You may need a survival job until the apprenticeship starts.

…Makes a Commitment to a career and to “hang in there.”  This means completing the three to five years of the apprenticeship program (both work and school requirements) regardless of layoffs.  Apprenticeship program sponsors invest time and money training apprentices.  They want apprentices who will complete their program and stay employed within the industry that has invested time and money into an individual’s career training.

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* 2015 Apprenticeship Banquet Photos *

36th Annual Apprenticeship Banquet at the Bell Harbor Conference Center on October 9, 2015

Apprenticeship Applications are now being accepted

Apprenticeship Applications are now being accepted. Please read all of the requirements on the Applicant Info tab before proceeding.

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